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LumaOne recently held their first-ever webinar, it was hosted by Teira Ellis and Eric Connolly and covered actions, animations and transitions. Even though the webinar was only 30 minutes they managed to demonstrate a lot of features, including many of the newest additions and updates. In my last blog, I shared with you my thoughts on what I believe to be LumaOne’s best four features and today I will go over some of LumaOne’s biggest new updates.


  • Graphic Resizing

One of the biggest and most impactful changes is the ability to resize images by inputting pixels and percentage figures. This is something that you see in many design software such as Adobe Suite, Powerpoint etc. This is an incredible time saver especially when working with the same images and text at different periods of your video, you’re given the power to make sure that all your images and text are correctly scaled.


  • Pixel nudging

You can now position your images exactly where you would like, LumaOne has enabled pixel nudging to the sum of 1px, which was previously set to 5px when using the grid. Again if you are working with the same/similar image across several time frames within your video, for example, a menu. You can either nudge your graphics or text into the exact place you want or input the X & Y coordinates.

The newly created style tab is where you can resize and position your items

  • Image search thumbnails

Searching for images has become a lot easier now with thumbnails, you can see exactly what you are looking for.

You can now see thumbnails of images you have added to your library.

  • Borders

You can now add borders to text and images adding style where needed.

Borders can be added to your items.

  • Action Toggling

Action toggle is an interesting feature as you can create a clickable rollover.  This can be used in a number of ways such as having sets of instructions appear when you click on the toggled item or you can reveal an image.  


  • Share Content

You now have the ability to share directly to your social network/media pages; Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. So once you’re project is ready for the public domain, get sharing!

You can share videos directly to your social networks

  • Reports

You can now drill down into your reports getting a better perspective of how users are interacting with the videos and answering questions. Also, you are able to filter your reports by content, group, organizations, position, scores and competitions and as you can imagine this allows you to view the exact data you want to see when you want to see it.

The reports have been refined

  • Help: On system support

LumaOne have now added on system support, if you have a query or require help then you can contact support and set up a ticket. You have the option to define your message priority (Low, Medium, High & Urgent) and you can also add a supporting image or video (There is a 15MB limit for total attachments).

You can now submit queries to support.

These updates are all very exciting and definitely help make a difference when using the software. Watch this video here to learn more about the updates these updates.

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