What makes us tick?

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Illustration of Insitu team at work designing online learning

Every so often it’s good to stand back and take a look around, see where you are, and where you want to be going. That’s exactly what we’ve been doing here at Insitu. We wanted to take time to reflect on what we do together, why we do it, what makes us tick? Read on to find out how we combine smarter learning with global thinking.

Normally it would be nice to run a few workshops sitting around a table together with a good supply of coffee, cakes, fruit and water. But this being early 2022, we are still in pandemic times and our team is working across Europe. So we’ve had to make do with video calls and virtual cake.

Global experience

Since Insitu started out in 2003, we’ve grown into an international team of creatives, producers and scientists. We’ve worked in many different countries, speak quite a number of  languages, and have experience working with a diverse range of organisations. 

We’ve produced thousands of learning programmes for both commercial and professional needs. They’re used all around the world, each one carefully and sensitively regionalised to reflect local language, market and regulatory needs.

When all this experience is summed up, it gives us a unique ability to build smarter learning experiences for visionary organisations all around the world.

Focused on business

At Insitu, we’re on a mission to help people be better at what they do. We always put ourselves in the learner’s seat, thinking about how they will experience what we create.

When we look around, we see so much business and human potential is lost because of ineffective training experiences. And that makes us sad. 

It drives us to create learning programmes and communication campaigns inspired by the people in the companies we work with, driven by their needs, supporting them to reach their organisation’s goals.

Easy to work with

Ask anyone who’s worked with us, and they’ll say that we are very easy to work with. And that’s something that matters a lot to us. We care passionately about getting the finer details right, so you don’t have to waste time worrying!

We also thrive on big challenges, and because of our experience, we implicitly understand how the work we make must integrate into the wider business.

What makes us tick?

So there you have it. In a nutshell, we’re on a mission to help people be better at what they do, using our global thinking to design and build smarter learning experiences. 

If you want to shift mindsets, deliver change, or get your action plan moving fast, give us a call. I’m certain we can help.

Martyn Bull is Head of Learning at Insitu.