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Incorporating effective reflection into your organisation’s learning programmes and culture is both an art and a science.

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Check out the Reflection Idea Bank

Need some reflection inspiration?

In our ebook The Power of Reflection, we guide you through scientific evidence on the value of reflection.

For further inspiration, tips and ideas for using reflection in the workplace, hop over to our Reflection Idea Bank.

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3 steps to success

How to build reflection into your business

With just 3 steps you will be able to build a reflective culture that works well for your organisation.

Step 1: Nail the big picture and make sure it’s crystal clear

If the bigger picture isn’t motivating to your workforce, then no matter how elaborate and thoughtful your reflection activities are, they won’t put in the time and effort.

Step 2: Encourage reflection activities with multiple touchpoints

Expand reflection activities over multiple touchpoints, rather than assigning single, one-time reflection activities. You will raise the bar on accountability, and the result will be deeper learning and more inclusion.

Step 3: Focus on the experience

Make sure that reflection activities are easy to focus on, enjoyable and fulfilling to complete. It will help your people to remain engaged and get the most benefit.