The Power of Reflection – A free ebook from Insitu

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The Power of Reflection

Harnessing reflection for business impact and personal growth

Insitu has released a free ebook outlining how reflection can help both individuals and the businesses they work in.

The ebook explores the scientific reasons for using reflection in learning, both online in elearning, and offline in face to face training sessions and project groups.

Incorporating effective reflection into your organisation’s learning programmes and culture is both an art and a science, so inside our free ebook we share:

Why reflection matters

Tips, tools, and examples

How to integrate reflective practice into your business

If you want to understand how to build reflection as a valued part of daily operations – this ebook is written for you.

Reflection is the conscious examination of past experiences, thoughts and ways of doing things to bring meaning to the present and the future.

What’s in it for you?

“Experience followed by reflection is a powerful catalyst to learning and growth,” says Eszter Meszaros, Senior Learning Experience Designer at Insitu.

“Reflection also helps to build richer cognitive structures in the brain leading to deeper learning and understanding. And reflection can also push your organisation forward by helping your workforce to learn more effectively and boosting their performance.”

In the ebook we share lots of tips and ideas on how to include reflection into activities on a small and a large scale. Some of the ideas allow you to start using reflection right away,
along with ideas on how to look at the bigger picture.

Experience followed by reflection is a powerful catalyst to learning and growth.

How can reflection help a business?

Any organisation that seeks success and growth must be adaptable and be able to learn, unlearn and relearn. To be adaptable requires an understanding of cause and effect and the ability to plan new approaches.

“We know that reflection is a powerful way to help individuals to grow and become more capable in their roles and contribute to the success of the business,” says Martyn Bull, Creative Director at Insitu.

“But we also know that for reflection to be a crucial part of everyday business life, it is important to make sure that reflection doesn’t get stuck in a silo, is regular, and has relevant, actionable outcomes. We wrote the ebook to be a handbook and a guidebook on how to make reflection a succeess.”

So, business agility, combined with lifelong learning and an active reflective culture, must be the bread and butter of any organisation aiming to thrive in today’s fast changing, economically challenging climate.

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Here to help

At Insitu, we build smarter learning experiences for visionary organisations all around the world. We create learning and communication campaigns in support of your organisation’s goals, inspired by your workforce, and driven by their needs.

We’ve created thousands of learning experiences that are used all around the world, each one carefully and sensitively regionalised to reflect local language, market and regulatory needs.

And we care passionately about getting the finer details right, so you don’t have to waste time worrying.

Eszter Meszaros is a Senior Learning Experience Designer at Insitu. Martyn Bull is Creative Director at Insitu.