The changing nature of business. Always Insitu, but never standing still.

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One aspect of growth that tends to occur for many professionals, is that they find themselves specialising – but not necessarily in the niche where they began.

I started Insitu sixteen years ago as a production company making video content, delivering work on CD Rom and DVDs. We leveraged rapidly changing technology (video production kit plus computing ability) to shoot and importantly edit on site. Our logo then featured four squares, representing the flight cases that we rocked up with. This was the natural starting point of my new company as this is what I knew – video production.

A few years on, we took the decision to offer a new service, made possible by better internet speeds and improving technology-  webcasting. Whilst this was in high demand and a bit of a novelty, we did well. The logo was updated to feature a spiral around a sphere Рreflecting the exciting new world of live streaming to anyone, anywhere. This was still my comfort zone, thanks to my background in live tv.

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