Social media at work

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I would liken working with a brand new software, to unwrapping a present at Christmas. There are times where you will be bitterly disappointed once you finally find out what you have but more often than not, you will be absolutely elated with the gem you have been given. I often get that Christmas feeling when working with new software, that sense of elation, wondering about all the likely possibilities. Like a wrapped present I peel through the opening layers of expectation to delve deeper and deeper, slowly removing the layers of complexity, confusion, frustration and joy. I’d say LumaOne definitely fell into this category, and I’d be lying if I said everyone at the office wasn’t pleasantly surprised by the results LumaOne could produce.

My first project was a joint effort that we scripted, illustrated, voiced and edited ourselves, all to test possibilities of interactive video. The social media at work video is a story involving 3 employees who can all make good or bad choices when using social media. With a witty narration and comic strip visuals the learner/viewer is introduced to all three employees;



So hopefully you’ve watched the video above and attempted to make the right choices for Bob, Molly and Jane. Regardless of what choices you made, you should now understand why it’s crucial to examine & evaluate your approach to using Social media, some decisions may come back to bite you!