Smarter Learning

Digital learning for healthcare, science and technology that drives performance

Wherever you work, people always need to learn. New products, new processes, new discoveries. And inside every company, there are those whose job it is to help people learn. Maybe that’s you?

We know that sometimes you need a little help (or maybe a lot) to reach new goals, to go beyond what you currently have, to make what you do even better.

And that’s why we’re here.

Whether we’re adapting existing content for interactive elearning or creating powerful new learning journeys for professional education, we have all the expertise you need to deliver inspiring, engaging and memorable digital learning.

Our clients have asked us to work on everything from sales training and commercial education, through to learning strategy and extended deep learning programmes for CPD and CET.

And with our unique ability to handle technical or scientific topics and transform complex subjects into engaging learning, we’re the perfect partner for healthcare, science and technology organisations.

Smarter Learning. It’s what we do.

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What we do

We’re fascinated by how people learn and we strive to make learning worthwhile and rewarding. 

Since 2003, we’ve produced thousands of learning programmes for both commercial and professional needs. They’re used all around the world, each one carefully and sensitively regionalised to reflect local language, market and regulatory needs. 

Our starting point is to put ourselves in the learner’s seat, thinking about how they will experience what we create.

Together with our clients, we explore what learners need to do, why they aren’t doing it, and how to bring about change. 

We’re comfortable working across all aspects of the development process, from strategy to design – we’re fluent in both and often find the stages blur together.

We start with research before defining a learning strategy, outlining core learner journeys, and solving learning architecture issues. 

Our learning design brings together sound learning principles with smart creative design, producing imaginative and inspiring content without overwhelming the learner.

We create elearning modules, interactive video, extended deep learning programmes, micro-learning, animations, audio and video productions.

Our digital learning has covered disease state expertise, new hire training, product launches, sales training and professional education

And we’re always ready to embrace new challenges.  

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How we work

We thrive on delivering finely crafted digital learning that drives performance. 

When we work together, we want you to feel a sense of collaboration and participation. We make sure that you get regular updates so that there are no surprises. 

We also know how vital it is to understand the technology available within your business. We make sure that the solutions we propose are easy to set in motion and won’t introduce friction.

We care passionately about getting the finer details right, so you don’t have to waste time worrying.

Our workflows are simple and very efficient, and our project teams stay small but cover the key tasks – from research and strategic analysis to writing, design, and implementation. 

There’s always someone that you can talk to, so we can keep the project moving.  

Working together, we make Smarter Learning.