Illustration of Insitu team at work designing online learning

We build smarter learning experiences for visionary organisations all around the world.

We thrive on addressing big challenges with a custom-made approach, from high level strategy to low level design, and we understand how the work we make must integrate into the wider business.

We always put ourselves in the learner’s seat, thinking about and understanding how they will experience what we create.

Elearning design and build

We develop content using established authoring platforms such as Articulate Storyline 360, Articulate Rise 360 and Adapt. Our development team has decades of combined experience using these tools, and we are also highly skilled at developing content that integrates into existing learning and content delivery platforms.

Learning experience and communication design

Illustration people working at computers reaading reflection ideas

We create learning and communication campaigns inspired by your workforce, driven by their needs, and in support of your organisation’s goals.

We take great care to develop digital learning solutions that are meaningful and measurable, resulting in immersive and powerful learning experiences.

We always put ourselves in the learner’s seat and we design with purpose, crafting stories alongside impactful visuals and compelling interactions.

Interactive video

We make interactive video and animation.

We partner with Luma1, the mobile first Smart Video System that seamlessly combines interactivity, storytelling and the power of video across mobile and desktop platforms.

With our video production heritage and interactive learning design skills, we are your perfect partner for narrative design, scripting, and production for interactive video and animation.

Translation and localisation

woman on her phone

Insitu is experienced in translating and adapting courses into multiple languages.

We’ve created thousands of learning experiences that are used all around the world, each one carefully and sensitively regionalised to reflect local language, market and regulatory needs.

Veeva services

For medical and life science clients, our academic team are experts in navigating and managing content through Veeva Vault approval and compliance processes.

This includes content review, compliance approval, regulatory and legal review, with accelerated creation, approval, and distribution across the digital supply chain.

We can also support your teams with research in medical, life sciences and engineering literature.