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How tech has improved access to education and training

Founder of Insitu Digital, Paul Newman discusses how tech has improved access to education and training with Virgin Entrepreneur as part of the group’s editorial spotlight on harnessing hyperconnectivity.

The feature looks at how tech has turned laborious training courses into digital learning experiences, moulded to complement the perspectives and preferences of the learner.

Paul said ease of access was at the cornerstone of the learning revolution:

Old systems of learning were very cumbersome and made any process within a company slow and arduous.

Cloud computing platforms are now essential for daily working and are making business more agile and lightweight. Thanks to modern tech, we now have access to a universal source of learning anywhere, at any time meaning learners can use their pockets of time more efficiently.

From dedicating an hour a day on the office PC, to grabbing fifteen minutes of content on a tablet before going to the beach when on holiday – less time is wasted and more is absorbed through the ease of access. Learners are already working like this without realising it. Have you ever searched a long PDF for a single paragraph on a specific topic? That’s an example of non-linear learning; using a modern search function to grab the knowledge you need from a swath of text, that might take an hour to read in its entirety.

You can read the article in full on Virgin Entrepreneur, here.