Meditation and why it’s needed now more than ever

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Work is not always required.

There is such a thing as sacred idleness. 

– George MacDonald

If you’re reading this and you don’t yet practice meditation, chances are that you might have been put off by the classic images associated with it, sylph like figures in a sunset, shaven heads, funny finger positions and Buddhist monks banging gongs. It  just doesn’t resonate (hah!). It needn’t be like that.

I first began practising meditation on a retreat in Scotland back in 1999 and I am not sure how I would have coped running a small business for sixteen years with its associated rollercoaster ride, if I hadn’t had a daily meditation practice to help me through. I consider myself very lucky to have stumbled across Dhanakosa when I did, arriving to snow-covered mountains with an icy wind blowing and just a few hours of daylight. In a little ex-chapel a warm sanctuary of silence had been created and three times a day, for one week, I sat there beginning to practice meditation.

This article is not about how to meditate, plenty of information on that out there (and this is a great starting place). And far be it that I should give you the reader, advice. Do what you need to do. I am writing to share the benefits of quiet.


Just, pause.

Well done 🙂

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