Insitu Digital talks tech with Virgin Entrepreneur

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How tech has turned training into digital learning experiences

The team at Insitu Digital sat down with Virgin Entrepreneur as part of the group’s editorial spotlight on harnessing hyperconnectivity.

The article interviewed Senior Learning Designer Martyn Bull, Head of Production, Thomas Delfs and Producer Haydn Jones who spoke about the effect that modern technology has had on the learning industry, turning training into digital learning experiences.

Martyn said that the advances of technology have allowed companies to create effective digital learning experiences, that transcend ‘sit and learn’ programs of the past: “Technology has opened up cost-effective learning that is personalised to the needs of individual learners and can easily be kept fresh and current. Advances such as tracking learning progress now allow managers, mentors and coaches to identify how well a learner is advancing through a programme and offer support as required.

“Learning has become more fluid, meaning individuals can take charge of their own programme, rapidly finding what they need to accomplish their tasks and solve problems. This leads to a deeper ‘learning experience’, one that is driven by the learner, in that they access the content in their own order and at their convenience, rather than having to go through a linear process that might be retreading old ground. This is particularly important when teaching complex subjects to learners, who perhaps may not deal with such issues day-to-day, as they access and go over troublesome topics.

“The advance of video and interactive modules have also been huge for the industry. It’s brought an entirely new sense of learning, allowing individuals to engage and interact with the content. It can be more effective for some sectors than others but used properly, it ties the programme closer to the desired learning goals.”

You can read the article in full on Virgin Entrepreneur website.