Insitu Digital talks employee engagement on Natwest Business Hub

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Engaging with the disengaged – Paul talks employee engagement on thought leadership forum

Speaking to the Natwest Business Hub – the bank’s recently launched thought leadership platform aimed at supporting SMEs and business owners – Insitu Digital founder Paul Newman said understanding the perspectives of staff was key to engagement.

Paul’s comments are part of a feature that sought advice from experienced business owners into how managers can keep their employees engaged, as well as the benefits of a motivated workforce.

Paul said: “Firstly it’s important to understand the perspectives of employees. Why have they chosen to work with you and how do they learn and engage with their work? Spend time getting to know your team, how do they like to work? How do they like to organise their workload? Do they prefer talking tasks through or getting detailed emails? By seeing life from the perspective of the individual employee rather than the employer, it’s easier to see how small changes can lead to a more engaged staff.”

You can read the full article on Natwest Business Hub.