Insitu Digital founder features in Business Quarterly Magazine

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Seek advice from those you respect – Insitu Digital founder gives words of wisdom to aspiring entrepreneurs

Insitu Digital founder Paul Newman gives his do’s, don’ts and don’t worries to aspiring entrepreneurs in an interview to Business Quarterly– a magazine dedicated to supporting and inspiring entrepreneurs to succeed and grow.

The interview is part of the magazine’s Meet the MD feature, where prominent business leaders across the UK share their wisdom and experience, tackling topics ranging from where they started, where they are going and everything in between.

Discussing what advice he would give to aspiring business leaders, Paul said it was important to stretch, but not overreach:

“It depends on the business of course, but learning from my early mistakes, my advice would be to regularly take stock of your current client roster. Many young and ambitious entrepreneurs put all their efforts into winning new business, but it’s important to remember that you will be judged on your results; if you win lots of new businesses, but don’t keep your current clients happy, you may soon find that you earn a reputation for not delivering.

I think a good target is to aim to be slightly over-capacity, so that you are forced to grow, but not so overwhelmed that you end up alienating your current clients; they are the ones that will be giving you your bread and butter, and they are the word of mouth that will provide the natural referrals businesses thrive on.”

You can read the full interview on BQ Live here.