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The Benefits & Potential Pitfalls for Online Learning – Martyn Bull features in Telegraph expert panel

Senior Learning Designer at Insitu Digital, Martyn Bull formed part of a six-person expert panel for the Telegraph, discussing all things ‘online learning’.

With a primary focus on learning within a business, and following Insitu’s work with some industry-leading brands, Martyn was perfectly placed to give his advice.

When asked how a business could set-up an online learning programme, Martyn said that up-to-date and maintained content was critical:

“Simple steps could be to use free Wikipedia-style or blogging software, where people can build live documents on topics, share videos shot on their phones of good ways to do things, write presentations for other staff to use and so on. This ensures that the information is relatively up to date.

“Beyond that, learning management software can be considered for slightly larger organisations, where courses can be developed in a more formal way. These solutions enable you to schedule learning to employees and track if they’ve done it, which is useful for compliance training, which needs to be revised periodically.

But once this journey is started, it’s critical that someone takes oversight and helps to curate and maintain the content; otherwise, it will fall into decay and won’t be used.”

You can read the summary article on the Telegraph website.

Or, for the full and detailed web chat, you can head here.