Insitu Digital encourages SMEs to increase workforce skills in minute hack feature

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How SMEs can make the most of online learning

Senior Learning Designer at Insitu Digital, Martyn Bull discusses how online learning can help businesses get the most out of their workforce.

The feature on the popular business resource website looks at how the growth of digital infrastructure has opened a world of opportunity for businesses leaders looking to keep their staff skilled.

Looking at some of the benefits of online learning, Martyn said: “One of the biggest benefits of online learning is accessibility. You can access learning anywhere, anytime, from your prefered device. However, an often overlooked benefit is the ability to track the progress of yourself or your staff.

“Most online learning programmes, or even your own YouTube history, will show you what you have and haven’t covered. It’s easy to begin to build a learning portfolio, where you can easily revisit topics to refresh.

“Another important benefit of online learning is efficiency, both in terms of time and cost. If you wish to train yourself or a member of staff, instead of having to send them away on a course, they can now engage with the learning programme from their desk in an afternoon.”

You can read the full article on the Minute Hack website.