Insitu Digital discusses engagement strategy in the Training Journal

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The wood from the trees – Martyn Bull discusses how to engage today’s overwhelmed workforce

Senior Learning Designer at Insitu Digital, Martyn Bull shares his strategy for engagement in the first of a two-part feature for leading Training and Learning & Development publication, Training Journal.

The feature looks at how we define engagement in a workplace learning setting and sets out the initial barriers to engagement.

Despite fast-moving and rapid-access information being awash in our social lives, Martyn says many workplaces are not keeping up:

“Whilst this utopian blend of lifestyle and learning is commonplace outside the workplace, the truth is that inside the workplace systems and processes are not keeping pace.

With a recent report stating that up to 40% of millennials felt they were held back by old technology and the outdated, rigid work styles of generations past, learning and development teams are facing an increasing struggle to grab attention about the important company issues of the day.

So how can L&D teams achieve the balancing act of placating the quick-adapting easily dissatisfied digital natives with the experienced but sometimes overwhelmed and alienated baby boomers? How can teams engage with all learners, and truly help them see the wood from the trees in the corporate environment?”

You can read the first part of Martyn’s feature on Training Journal.