Insitu Digital discuss generation clashes with Training Magazine

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The Generation Game – How to Support Learners and Avoid Generation Clashes

The team at Insitu Digital put their heads together to discuss the challenges that Human Resources (HR) and Learning and Development (L&D) teams face when trying to meet the demands of a multi-generational workplace.
From varying expectations to prefered management styles, the team at Insitu Digital looked at what can be done to adapt learning programs to suit the needs of a workplace ecosystem that currently balances four generations of learners.

One way to manage such differences is to try and personalise the learning method:“One of the key findings of research into intergenerational differences in the workplace is that some generations feel undervalued and disenfranchised, with older generations often stating they feel organisations invest more in younger workers. Having an in-depth understanding of learner needs will allow L&D teams to deliver effective and relevant learning, whilst appreciating the level of knowledge and working environment.

“By personalising content in this way, each learner will feel their thoughts and preferences have been taken into consideration. A simple solution might be to create your own videos or even ask your employees to create their own short videos – to be shared with specific communities. This can also address individual preferences for feedback or reward, as feedback or completion trackers can be given after each learning activity as a whole, whether elearning, downloading resources or watching a video.”

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