Insitu Digital concludes engagement strategy article in the Training Journal

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The wood from the trees Part II – Martyn Bull concludes his thoughts on how to engage today’s overwhelmed workforce

Senior Learning Designer at Insitu Digital, Martyn Bull shares his strategy for engagement in the second of a two-part feature for leading Training and Learning & Development publication, Training Journal.

After looking at what we mean by engagement in the context of workplace learning and setting out the initial barriers to engagement; this feature discusses how to address these challenges, and help learners see the wood for the trees.

So just how do we overcome these barriers? Martyn suggests the first thing workplaces can do is to be more human:
“It may sound ironic that as a company increases the volume and sophistication of its tech, it should focus on producing more human processes – but it is exactly what is needed to address the challenge of a rapidly changing workforce and an outdated ‘process design’ of training.

“L&D teams need to study what employees do, visit their workplaces and observe their behaviour. What perspectives do these individuals hold? Are they used to longer form learning made up of face-to-face classes and courses, or are they used to short, bite-sized micro-learning such as instructional video or quick snippets of text?

By adapting the process to a more human-centred design, you can use your insights to create a programme of learning, digital and face-to-face, that works with your workforce, improving productivity, engagement and increasing employee satisfaction.”

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