Eszter’s Top 3 Things to Look out for at Learning Technologies 2022

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1. Provocative talks on cognitive science with important implications for learning design.
Coming from a background in cognitive research, I am excited to hear Dr Itiel Dror’s thoughts on how technology impacts our brain, and to listen to Julie Dirksen discuss how to adapt research-based models of human motivation to your learning context.

2. A focus on leveraging data to drive impact.
Measuring the impact of learning programs is still in a nascent stage but there is a growing appetite in the industry for doing it well and to leverage data to increase the quality of learning experiences. I look forward to hearing seasoned learning thought leaders’ insights…
On day 1, Tim Dickinson and Peter Manniche Riber will share their insights on how data links to L&D action, impact and decision making, while Nigel Paine will be joined by Babcock International Ltd.’s learning leaders to discuss how to use data for higher-impact learning.

3. Explorating what the future of L&D might hold.
No educational technology conference is complete without discussing the opportunities and challenges that AI and the advent of immersive technologies will bring to the world of learning. On day 1, David Kelly will deliver the latest update on emerging and developing technologies and their impact on the learning industry. On day 2, Tom Wambeke will give a short review of the extended realities technology landscape, then he’ll take us through a series of case studies of where Virtual Reality has been used to augment training.


Eszter summarises the 30Under30 group’s reflections with Don Taylor, Learning Technologies’ conference chair.

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Eszter Mészáros is a Senior Learning Designer at Insitu.