Case Studies


Flexible mobile learning for the science of lubrication

WD-40 Company is the California-based manufacturer of home and industrial-use chemical products. It’s most widely known by its flagship lubricant, the name of which is now synonymous with the product itself, ‘WD-40’. With customers in nearly 200 countries, the business was looking for support to deploy training initiatives across new markets in the Europe, India, Middle East and Africa (EIMEA) region.

To capitalise on the brand recognition of WD-40 and to maintain its sector leadership, the company developed new and innovative products that were tailored towards specific markets such as motorcycle chain lubricant, throttle cleaners etc.

The company already had a respected culture of learning, but in order to ensure the workforce kept pace with research and development, there were a number of training challenges for staff and learning providers.



What we were tasked with

  • A great market opportunity in the EIMEA region, but a workforce that lacked the necessary knowledge to keep up with the pace of product development
  • Older training content that needed to be updated for newer products and revitalised to become engaging to its audience
  • A content structure that needed to be updated for modern learning
  • An audience separated by geography and language.


How we solved the problem

In order to meet these challenges, our team worked with key client contacts and the client’s learning management system (LMS) team to help create a more effective and engaging mix of elearning that met the real-world needs of the learners.

  • Broke down complicated, scientific topics into understandable learning modules
  • Reduced existing laborious content from basic powerpoint slides into flexible modules containing short videos, infographics and interactive learning items
  • Ensured the programme was mobile responsive, meaning learners could pick up where they left off on a number of devices
  • Worked with translation teams to create multi-language adaptations to learning content
  • Worked with in-house LMS partner to distribute learning content across Europe, India, Middle-east and Africa regions.


“WD-40 Company has successfully created and maintained a healthy continuous-learning culture, where leadership and employees alike, are determined to learn as fast as the world changes. This learning culture has been integral to the success of the company in its ability to diversify and adapt to changing market requirements.

Insitu Digital has provided excellent support services to WD-40 Company over several years, helping us deploy new training initiatives via e-learning, videos and captured training. This content helps support employees, distributors and customers around the EIMEA region, helping increase revenues and maintain our market leadership position.”
Philip Tweed, Development Director of Asia, UK & Benelux
WD-40 Company