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Insitu - Clinical fundamental series

Seeing things clearly

Johnson & Johnson Vision (JJV) are the world’s leading innovator and manufacturer of disposable contact lenses. The company’s Field Sales Operatives (FSOs) are tasked with having conversations with eye care professionals, and communicating the effectiveness and appeal of JJV’s products.

Insitu - Clinical fundamental series


What we were tasked with

To make sure their FSOs were equipped with the information and confidence to have better conversations with eye care professionals, JJV asked Insitu to design a learning course that would help fill in knowledge gaps around the science behind their products, and boost the effectiveness of their sales force.

The requirement was for an elearning course that would be part of a wider learning programme. FSOs had varying levels of insight into the science behind the eye and the use of contact lenses, and the goal was to provide training that went beyond the product, and made sales teams more comfortable when talking about the anatomy of the eye and potential diseases.

With plenty of complex scientific information to transfer to the audience, our main challenge was to break down the raw course materials and create a course that was equally informative and engaging. FSOs are always being presented with new courses and training – how would we create something that captured their attention, communicated plenty of scientific information, and boosted their confidence and drive?

Insitu - Clinical fundamental series


How we solved the problem

The Insitu team worked collaboratively with the client’s Learning and Development team, as well as doing our own research, to develop a deep understanding of the key learning outcomes and the science behind JJV’s products.

We developed 14 e-learning modules that covered all aspects of the anatomy of the eye, eye care and optical diseases, and all with a clear understanding of the perspectives of both patients and optometrists. To further empower FSOs, we included content which focussed on professional practice and sales techniques.

Insitu - Clinical fundamental series

At many different stages in the learning modules, we designed interactive content for technical subject matter, and utilised illustrations and games to simplify complex data, bringing it to life in a way that resonates with the learner.

As part of the design process we tested the training on a small number of employees, to get feedback and allow us to gauge its effectiveness. All 14 modules were adapted for regional use and translated into nine languages, with a variety of case studies used to help learners in different cultures.

As part of the FSO programme, employees are required to pass a test in order to achieve certification, which we know gives people a sense of achievement and success, and boosts confidence in the workforce. JJV deploys the certified programme to all new hires and it is marked against the employee performance reviews, embedding into the company’s learning culture.


“Thank you Insitu, this groundbreaking project has set the benchmark for our future work together”
Johnson & Johnson Vision