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Johnson & Johnson Vision

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The perfect fit

Research shows that up to 25% of new contact lens users stop wearing them within the first year, with handling errors listed as one of the biggest barriers to use. Johnson & Johnson Vision is a world-leading medical device company that wants to help frontline (non-specialist) staff in optical retailers feel confident about giving advice regarding the fitting and use of contact lenses.

Instructional design


What we were tasked with

Our task was to deliver a learning programme that would engage and inform, help foster a greater standard of patient care, and promote best practice.

An existing piece of elearning contained accurate and informative content but wasn’t engaging. While it was rich with media, using video and voice-overs, it was overly long and did not allowing the learner the freedom to access the topics that might be relevant to them without reviewing all the content.

Overall, the existing learning was not fitting for its target audience. Our goal was to deliver something for busy professionals who had limited learning time and needed learning that could be accessed easily on the move.

Instructional design


How we solved the problem

In order to address the challenges of the brief, our elearning development team worked with key client contacts, an external Behavioural Science Agency (BSA), and the client’s learning management system (LMS) team.

In the space of just three months we:

  • Identified challenges and set deadlines with the client and BSA.
  • Worked with JJV and external agencies through workshops where key learning objectives were developed and refined.
  • Reduced existing content from a single 100+ slide module into 12 flexible modules containing short videos, infographics and interactive learning items.
Instructional design
  • Worked with the LMS team to integrate the new modules into their system, with a pick and choose approach to access, providing a more flexible and effective program.
  • Worked with the BSA to ensure their expertise on effective writing, design, and behavioural science interventions, worked well with the practicalities of digital learning development.
  • Ensured that the program was mobile responsive, meaning learners could pick up where they left off on a number of different devices.
  • Introduced a measurement to test learner confidence before and after the program to support the evaluation of outcomes.

Our work resulted in a more effective and engaging platform that met the real-world needs of the learners. We delivered the project to an exceptional standard, ready for a global launch later in the year.


“The need for an informative and engaging learning program for optical care staff was obvious, with the correct application of contact lenses being such a barrier to device use. Insitu Digital did a fantastic job of identifying and meeting the challenges of a modern learning programme - particularly within the context of a complex topic like eye care. We couldn’t be happier with the result and our teams are eager to put it to use as a global resource.”
Director, Global Professional Affairs Education
Johnson & Johnson Vision