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Johnson & Johnson Surgical Vision

Learning for all

Innovative thinking

Insitu Digital has worked closely with Johnson & Johnson Surgical Vision (JJSV) to support its internal education goals. JJSV was looking to develop a learning programme for all employees for them to become familiar with the fundamental science of eye health, and the products and services it offers. 

Building on the success of a similar, global programme delivered for Johnson & Johnson Vision, we were again asked to use our creativity and expertise to engage and inform.


Create a learning programme for all staff

Learning for all

In order to maintain its company-wide ethos of education, there was a need for a learning programme that would be applicable to a wide range of learners, from more senior staff members to newly recruited juniors, and with a range of different educational backgrounds. JJSV wanted everyone to know how their work contributed to the success of the products and the business.

A modern touch

Whilst there were previous learning resources in place, there was no centralised programme for training on all the products and services. This meant that information was spread across several platforms, with much of the content being out-of-date and in need of refreshing. The delivery of the content itself was also in need of modernisation, particularly in its use of media and point of access. The learning had to be available for desk-based employees as well as those maybe commuting and using a mobile phone or tablet.


The new programme would need to creatively explain complex medical information to a wide audience of varying levels of knowledge, being careful not to overwhelm new learners, but not bore the more experienced.

A global resource

With the learning programme needing to be delivered to JJSV divisions across the world, including North America, Europe and Asia, there were significant challenges in creating content appropriate to all regions. Some regions had different legal and technical requirements, alternative products and services, and every region required multiple languages.


How we solved the problem

In order to meet these challenges, our team worked with key client contacts across multiple regions, engaging with subject matter experts (SME) for each topic and region in order to take the complex material and break it down into easier to understand modules.

Our team:

  • Delivered a suite of seven modules that covered the fundamental science of eye health and surgical approaches to vision correction that were accessible and engaging for the wide range of learners at JJSV.
  • Worked with subject matter experts to ensure the course content was up to date and at the cutting edge of modern understanding, a core foundation of a learning programme that would set the standards for best practice.
  • Used storytelling to engage learners combined with creative direction to make the content visual and more user-friendly. The modules featured real JJSV staff, products and procedures; real-world case studies; and relatable patient stories to help ensure the learning felt friendly, was authentic and placed the learner’s business role in context.
  • Worked with regional experts to ensure the tone and content of each learning module matched the region it was delivered in, ensuring the content spoke to its audience appropriately.
  • Customised over 20 variations for the seven core modules to reach the global audience across three technical delivery platforms.


“Insitu has done very well with this series – clean, easy to understand, interactive, device agnostic and pleasing to the eye. You should consider submitting it for industry awards.”
Digital Learning Manager, Global Commercial Training
Johnson & Johnson Surgical Vision