Case Studies


Internal campaign launch, film & elearning


Innovative thinking

Janssen are a leading Pharmaceutical company with an ‘Innovations’ division which is at the forefront of new ideas in Healthcare. In their own words, they are “improving health outcomes with patient-centered solutions and mobile technology”.


What we were tasked with

As part of their mission to improve patient outcomes, Janssen undertook a large-scale training programme for brand managers across the EMA region, with the aim of helping them to better understand patient needs. The company commissioned us to create an initiative that would not only launch the training, but also engage the brand managers and support their learning initiatives.

There were two key messages that we were required to deliver. As well as communicating the importance of understanding the patient’s journey, we were also tasked with sharing patient insight in the development of a personalised plan.


How we solved the problem

To ensure we achieved the best outcomes for the client, we took a multi-faceted approach that involved different types of content. An event launched the initiative across the EMA regions, kick-starting the programme, and was attended by brand managers in over 50 countries via a live-streamed webcast.

Most of the learning was delivered through four interactive modules covering patient segmentation, the patient’s journey, successful outcomes and executing the programme. At the centre of the learning was an emotive film, written and produced by Insitu. The film dramatised the story of ‘Elle’, who is diagnosed with a severe illness, and delivered a powerful message about educating, empowering and encouraging patients to take control of their health.

Throughout the learning we also embedded knowledge checks, to make sure the learner understood each topic before he or she moved onto the next stage. We asked the learner to draw comparisons that were relevant in their own disease areas.

A big project of this size and scope required plenty of experience, expertise, and creativity.


“It was great working with Insitu over the past year to deliver this multi-faceted project, from the launch event, through ‘Elle’s’ story and final delivery of elearning, your creativity and approachableness was always good to work with.”
EMEA Change Manager, Customer Experience and Innovation