Case Studies

Co-design drives training impact for sales professionals

Online learning developed by Insitu leads to better conversations with customers.

To prepare for the global launch of a new contact lens brand for Johnson & Johnson Vision, we developed online sales training to support sales professionals. The training helped learners to confidently differentiate the new product from other contact lens brands in the market. We also created e-learning for optometrists in high street stores for them to learn how to use the new contact lens brand with patients.

Globally, there is an untapped opportunity for correcting presbyopia with contact lenses but understanding why optometrists choose, or choose not to, prescribe multifocal contact lenses is a complex matter.

Our task was to help prepare the salesforce to clearly explain the benefits of the optical and material design of the lens, and to differentiate it from other contact lens brands.

We also had to address the reasons why optometrists may decide to use other brands instead.



As with many of our projects, it was clear to the Insitu team from the outset that interviews and research into the attitudes and beliefs of both the salesforce and optometrists was essential for the success of this project.

Helping learners gain clarity on what set the new brand apart from existing offerings and the need for this novel blend of technologies in a new product was key.

Our learning strategy and learning design took place amid a dynamic, global product launch effort. The development of marketing messages and advertising materials, as well as product research and licensing, were concurrent with our work requiring us to work closely with different teams across the company throughout the project and to be prepared to respond to new developments quickly.


Learner interviews kept our learning strategy focussed


We carried out interview sessions with sales professionals in the UK and US markets to gain a deeper understanding of their knowledge around the product and the typical selling environment.

We identified concepts they found challenging and learned from them tips and tricks for fruitful conversations with customers.

Through these conversations, we discovered that both sales representatives and customers found it challenging to understand how the optical design of the new contact lens was working and what it meant for a patient’s vision.

To address this, we developed an interactive simulation to show how different lens designs may impact a patient’s vision.

To help both the salesforce and optometrists relate to the opportunities for the new product, we wrote the learning as a sequence of interactive stories told from the perspective of an optometrist and a diverse group of her patients.

Through the stories, learners could discover practical tips for better lens fitting success and discover the business benefits of correcting presbyopia with multifocal contact lenses.


Taking time to understand learner needs pays off

The e-learning modules developed by our team have been completed by learners in many countries as part of a larger training program comprising various synchronous and asynchronous components.

A month after launching the e-learning modules, our team surveyed sales professionals and our client on satisfaction and learning outcomes.

9 out of 10 salesforce professionals reported that the online learning developed by Insitu, equipped them well or extremely well for conversations with optometrists.

We arranged a debrief session where we discussed the success of the project and what had been learned in the process.

With our learner focused development approach, we were able to demonstrate the benefit to the business of involving learners throughout the development of learning programmes.


“Very thorough overview of the technology. This reminded us of the design, the effect of presbyopia and the best fitting practices.

- Sales Professional

It is great to receive final assets in 100% perfect state. I think that the end result we got to, both in the eye care practitioner e-learning and the salesforce e-learning, is really great and the feedback has been strong.

- Director of Global Professional Education and Development”