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Interactive educational films supporting marketing strategy

Bayer case study

Exceptional support

Multinational Pharmaceutical company Bayer approached us to produce a situation-style educational film to support a marketing conference in Cologne attended by Bayer marketing delegates from across Europe. The video would be used as part of a seminar that educated senior marketing executives on how to support doctors that regularly prescribe Bayer’s eye medication, EYLEA, to their patients.

Bayer screenshot


What we were tasked with

The film we were asked to produce was aimed at promoting an understanding of the mindset of clinicians who were loyal to the brand, and to get the audience to agree on a strategy for support. It would be playing to an audience of experts who were knowledgeable and experienced in the field of eye care and commercial selling, meaning we had to exhibit high standards of expertise or risk failing to engage the specialists.

In terms of delivery, we were working to a tight two-week deadline, when the film would need to be ready for the conference rehearsals. A project like this would test our team’s efficiency and skill, with very little margin for error.


How we solved the problem

In order to meet the challenges of the project, the Insitu team worked closely with the client to quickly gather any necessary information. We also provided regular updates so that any changes to the film could be made promptly, in time for the event rehearsals.

In just two weeks, we:

  • Held a pre-production meeting with the client to gather information, set deadlines and plan content.
  • Secured a script, completed a casting process, and secured a filming location.
  • Provided the client with test footage to support their internal management performance targets.
  • Used our knowledge of the compliance regulations within the pharmaceutical industry to ensure a smooth approval process for the client.
  • Shot all necessary footage, providing the client with updates in real time.
  • Worked with the client to share edits and make amends, delivering the completed project within the tight deadline.


“Thank you very much Insitu! We are extremely pleased with the work you’ve done. We appreciated very much that you accepted the challenge to produce these videos with us in such a limited amount of time, you guided us very smoothly through the process. The films helped to make our event an interactive first and a ‘stellar’ success. Everyone loved them. Thanks again for making it happen, you did an amazing professional job for us.”
Marketing Manager