Can I fix your headache?

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Lady with severe headache

This week at Insitu we led a design workshop bringing together GPs and optometrists to talk about diagnosis and management of headaches. The workshop was the first step in a new project for 2022 to create online national CPD training for UK optometrists commissioned by our client Docet.

Can’t focus on what you’re doing today because of a headache? You’re not alone. Headaches are a very common thing, and over half of the adult population across the world will have had a headache at least once within the last year.

Patients frequently turn to optometrists for help with headaches, hoping that a correction to their glasses or contact lens prescription will help. But only a small number of headaches are eye related, and many are best dealt with by consulting a GP, pharmacist, or making lifestyle changes.

The new course on headaches that we are developing at Insitu will guide optometrists through the many different types of headaches and their causes. Driven by practical clinical advice, it will help optometrists to know which headaches are eye related and can be managed in practice, those that are best dealt with by other health care professionals,  and potentially serious conditions that need urgent emergency referral.

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Projects like this are a great match to Insitu’s international team of creatives, producers, and scientists – we love to work on big challenges with a custom-made approach. This project builds on our previous experience creating in-depth learning for optometry professionals on glaucoma and age related macular degeneration

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Martyn Bull is Head of Learning at Insitu.