Bored of your company’s eLearning?

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Whether you’re a regional learning manager, a global learning director or somewhere in between, if you’re bored with your company’s elearning approach, it’s a safe bet that your employees are too. Find out how the learning experiences we build at Insitu won’t bore your workforce but inspire them to expand their knowledge.

Are your learners engaged and reflective?

The holy grail of any learning experience is to see evidence of significant, sustained, positive changes in behaviour.  To have any chance of achieving this we need to foster reflection and mental engagement among learners:

  • Ask questions instead of giving answers right away
  • Challenge learners to express themselves
  • Model the attitudes that you are hoping to foster



Digital learning is one of the better options when you need to reach a globally diverse audience. However, many of your employees are likely to be resistant, particularly if their previous experience has been on the receiving end of boring training delivered as a mandatory requirement. Neither employer nor employee wants this to take any longer than necessary. The employer merely needs to be able to prove they have shown the information to the employee. The employee merely needs to demonstrate they have seen every screen. The result? A ‘Click NEXT’ reflex.

If your employees (and, perhaps, you) think elearning is this tedious ‘Click NEXT’ experience, the likelihood is that their expectation of digital learning will be:

  • Information overload
  • Time wasted
  • No relevance to everyday work life
  • No thinking required

Effective digital learning needs to be a different experience. It needs to be strategic, efficient, and rational for the business. It needs to be relevant, relatable, engaging and actionable for the learner. It must be clear to learners what new knowledge and skills they will learn, and what’s in it for them.

Put yourself in the learner’s shoes. Think ‘What’s in it for me?’

In keeping with our tips to foster reflection and mental engagement, at Insitu we’ll always start by exploring options rather than bombarding you with solutions.

  • Is training even the correct solution? Maybe a change to procedures would achieve the objective?
  • How will the training be relevant to the business?
  • How can we make it relevant to the learner?

If your digital training needs to deliver a lot of information, how can it be broken down so that it can be absorbed and understood, and not just swoosh past the learner?

How can an interactive learning experience be achieved which gets around the ‘Click NEXT’ scenario and takes the learner from knowing nothing to mastering the topic without overwhelming them?



Tell a Compelling Story

Air Products, a global Fortune 500 company, faced all these issues when they asked Insitu to partner them in developing a different type of elearning experience to help embed a new leadership model across the company. Across the organisation, the rallying call to leaders was to ‘raise their vision’.

The result was a leadership app for mobile and desktop successfully launched in 51 countries and 15 languages. Through interactive animations, users can follow the adventures of four different leaders as they work together to solve problems. The stories in every episode include plenty of relevant work examples, challenges, and opportunities to think about using the new leadership tools in their real work.

Change your dreams into reality

Is Click NEXT mentality derailing your digital learning? If so, perhaps it’s time to change your approach.

So, if you’re dreaming of transforming your organisation with exceptional educational experiences that drive performance, we should talk. Insitu is on a mission to help people be better at what they do.